About Us

Pongthavorn Engineering Co.,Ltd. (PTE) is a construction service provider who promises to offer you the quality service. With experienced team of engineer and technician who are ready to serve you from the start to the finish of the project.

PTE offer an integrated service in buildings and general civil construction, starting from site survey, engineering concept and designing to construction of hotel, residential, offices, factory and warehouse.

With our combined resources of people, inqenuity, performance, we are confident in delivering success to your project. Our powerful growth has been achieved through satisfied customers, their repeat business and their referrals. We hope you will allow us the opportunity to serve.

PTE Profile

Name           Pongthavorn Engineering Company Limited   

Established   Year 2010

Company Register No.0105553131323


Our Mission

The PTE team promise to meet and exceed the customer's needs and expectations to ensure the quality of our services.

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